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Ways Of Ensuring Your Commercial Door Is Reinforced

Burglaries usually occur at the hours a business has been closed therefore it involves forcible entry. There are some burglaries where the burglar picks the lock or uses a key to gain entry into the business. Because of this, you are sure that anybody planning to break into your business can do so by bypassing the door. The threats that business owners face each day are many. Research has shown that many burglaries are happening thus the threats. Understanding that your business is not immune to break-ins will make you put in place appropriate security measures.

If you are aware that your business is not immune to break-ins and the high costs resulting from burglary, you will know the benefits of door security for your business. Protection of your business when it is too late should not happen. Everything you know about reinforcing the door of your business is described in this article. Forceful kicks that are consistent to your door may cause the door frame to break no matter the type of silk plate that the door has. The frame which is an inch thick is used in securing the strike plate in position; this is because.

Forceful entry will be prevented if you secure your door frame. You can reinforce the door to your business by adding a layer of steel. The door frame will be prevented from slipping by the layer of steel. A high-gauge steel is placed over the door jamb and secured by long screws during the installation of the steel. The door jamb will be well strengthened by penetration of the screws through to the wall studs on both doorway sides.

Replacing the entire door frame with a steel door frame and securing it with wall metal studs is another option. It is also essential to strengthen the edge of the door after you are done reinforcing the door frame. Among the weakest part of the door is the edge through which the bolts go through the lock into the frame. When the door is kicked, force will not be distributed well by the latch and bolt which are used in securing the edge of the door frame. The edge of the door will be damaged when there is a forced entry when the frame is reinforced.

Installing a door warp around the edge will help in reinforcing it. Forced entry will be impossible since the door wrap will help in the creation of a larger surface area which is critical in distributing force. More force is distributed when bigger door wraps are used since they offer greater strength to the door of your business. For you to reinforce your door, the hinges of the door should also be secured.
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